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Upcoming Events by the Mi’gmawei Mawio’mi Secretariat

Community Well-Being Interviews:

The Mi’gmawei Mawio’mi Secretariat (MMS) is pleased to announce a series of community well-being interviews focusing on the cumulative effects of development on Mi’gmaq health and well-being. These interviews aim to gather valuable insights from community members who are 16 years and older, particularly active land users and fishers.

This is an excellent opportunity for community members to share their experiences and contribute to the understanding of how development impacts Mi’gmaq health and well-being.


Consultation & Accommodation Lunch and Learn:

The Consultation & Accommodation team is hosting an informative lunch and learn session to provide an in-depth presentation on the C&C process and showcase various projects the team has been consulted on.

These lunch and learn sessions are a great opportunity to gain insight into the critical work of the C&A team and learn more about the various projects affecting our community. We encourage all community members to attend these events to stay informed and engaged with the ongoing initiatives and developments.

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Contact : Donald Jeannotte-Anglehart
Communication Strategist [email protected]