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Meet Tanner Isaac, the new Social Media Coordinator at MMS

Tanner is the Social Media Coordinator at the Mi’gmawei Mawio’mi Secretariat. Born and raised in Listuguj, he began his career in 2016 as a youth care worker at the Listuguj Youth and Family Center and then as a teaching assistant at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School, where he specialized in autism intervention training. In 2021, Tanner pursued a degree in television broadcasting at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

After graduation, Tanner worked as a radio journalist at APTN’s ELMNT FM and earned a journalism fellowship with CBC Indigenous in Winnipeg. There, he honed his storytelling skills and later contributed as an associate producer and journalist in Ottawa, helping launch CBC Indigenous’ TikTok account.

In early 2024, Tanner returned to Listuguj, working briefly as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator at the Gespe’gewa’gi Institute of Natural Understanding before joining the Mi’gmawei Mawio’mi Secretariat. Outside work, he enjoys streaming video games, beadwork, and maintaining an active lifestyle with friends and gym sessions.


Contact : Donald Jeannotte-Anglehart
Communication Strategist [email protected]