Scott Metallic


Scott Metallic serves as the Coordinator for the Ango’tmeq Nm’tginen Unit at MMS. With a 15-year background in Forestry, Scott shifted his expertise to environmental efforts, playing a key role in the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n Windfarm project until its completion in 2016. He later contributed his skills at St. Mary’s Cement Plant in Port Daniel before joining MMS as an Environmental Monitor in the same year.

Over the past six years at MMS, Scott has advanced from Environmental Monitoring to Mapping for Consultations and, most recently, to his current role where he oversees significant Natural Resource files for Gespe’gewa’gi. His work ranges from vacation lease development to caribou protection, leveraging his extensive knowledge of the land and mapping proficiencies to safeguard our environment for future generations.

As an enthusiastic hiker, Scott merges his love for the outdoors with his professional insights, gaining a distinctive outlook on land conservation. He advocates for the exploration of our beautiful territory, emphasizing the Mi’gmaq philosophy of living beyond boundaries.