Juliette Barnaby


Marked by a contagious laugh and generous spirit, Juliette is one of the MMS’ veterans, having started here in 2002.  Always growing and challenging herself, Juliette recently moved away from her role as the Director of Operations to being the Director of the Ango’tmeq Nm’tginen.

Working for the MMS has introduced Juliette to diverse Indigenous cultures. She appreciates how they are different but also sees how we are also similar.  We want to leave our children and grandchildren with a clean, usable, and sustainable territory and collectively, we are all working for them towards a better world.

Juliette believes that being Mi’gmaq is a wholistic way of life that one begins and end with.  Being Mi’gmaq is her compass; it is how she navigates throughout her world and how she makes decisions. She used this foundation and her Mi’gmaq teachings to raise her children; they are now, in turn, using them to teach their children.

Juliette is passionate and fearless when it comes to her family, community, and culture.  She believes in being fair and recognizes that everyone has something important to contribute to the work. She strongly believes that collectively, we can work through any challenge.

Juliette has been studying traditional medicines since 2003 and has had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented medicine people.   They have all worked with her to solidify her Indigenous world view.  Juliette feels extremely blessed to live in Listuguj, a community that has supported her and her family’s growth towards a more resilient future.

Juliette doesn’t really have a favorite food; she eats with the seasons … or whatever her husband cooks for her!  She does, however, love to gather medicine, bead, teach, and, of course, spend as much time as she can with her grandchildren.  Juliette has been married for 14 years; she and her husband have 3 daughters and 1 son, 3 beautiful grandchildren, and 2 dogs.