Julia Anglehart


Julia Anglehart is the newest addition to the Consultation & Accommodation team, as an administrative assistant. With a professional history that spans various sectors—including animal care, construction, event planning for weddings, fitness and wellness, retail, and beauty as a hairstylist and makeup artist—Julia’s diverse experience is matched by her proficiency in administration and customer service.

Julia is an avid enthusiast of outdoor and leisure activities outside the office, including kayaking, cross-stitching, solving puzzles, hiking, reading, practicing yoga, swimming, and 4-wheeling. This array of hobbies reflects her love for adventure.

In her work, Julia is recognized for her exceptional organizational skills, collaborative spirit as a team player, and meticulous attention to detail. She is committed to continual professional development, embracing opportunities to learn and rise to new challenges.

Julia’s personality is as multifaceted as her professional experience—she’s known for her calm and quiet demeanour, understated humour, and supportive and empathetic nature, especially towards friends and family. A passionate animal lover, she brings warmth and dedication to every endeavour.