The Nation Table is a space for sharing information.


This table consists of Mi’gmaq from across the greater part of Mi’gma’gi. The seven districts of Mi’gma’gi include: Unama’gi, Esge’gewa’gi, Sugapune’gati, Epegwitg aq Pigtu, Gesgugwitg, Signigtewa’gi aq Gespe’gewa’gi.




All Mi’gmaq negotiations groups come to this table. While a variety of Ministers are also invited; representing either Québec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and/ or Nova Scotia.

Mi’gmaq people have always gathered, this Nation Table is simply a renewal of that longstanding friendship.

While there is no formal protocol, it’s a great place for our Mi’gmaq to share ideas, discussions, challenges and success in all areas of governance and nation building.

Some current discussions include, developing a constitution that will represent all seven Mi’gmaq districts.