Pursuing effective and fair solutions in a productive, amicable and accountable way.


We are currently developing a Mi’gmawei Mawiomi (MM) Mandate process. This process will help provide a clear and consistent practice that will help identify issues and move us forward in negotiations.


What is a Mandate?

A mandate is the authority to undertake or carry out a course of action. It’s an official order or direction to do something.

In this case, it is the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi making decisions and giving direction to the Mgnigng (negotiations team).


Who is Responsible?

It is the Chiefs Executive Committee (CEC) and the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi (MM) that have the direct responsibily to approve a negotiation mandate;

It is time to explain that accountability structure and process, and to rebuild it in practice. This should be done before any major undertakings are made in the current negotiations.



Negotiations are complex and, at times, highly dynamic processes. This process will help establish open, transparent and accountable processes to ensure that negotiations are consistent with the approved mandates.




To have a clear, effective and accountable process for developing and approving MM negotiation mandates;

A responsible and timely process to ensure transparent progress reports on the negotiations to the appropriate authorities;

A responsible and effective process for providing direction during key moments in the negotiation process;

Effective processes for approving or passing agreements


Three Steps for an MM Mandated Approval

1. Submit MM Mandate to the Chiefs’ Executive Committee (CEC)

2. Approval by the CEC, then forwarded to the MM

3. Final approval by the MM


Proposed Framework of Mandate

1. Issue to be negotiated

2. Summary oh high level interests at stake

3. Consultation process

4. Legal considerations

5. Comparative Analysis

6. Economic considerations

7. Financial considerations

8. Recommended options to be approved by the MM



Important Note:


When proposing a mandate, these Mi’gmaq Principles must be embraced


Mi’gmaq Principles


  • Mi’gmaq sovereignty

  • Respect for all Mi’gmaq un-surrendered traditional territory

  • Respect for and protection of the environment in Gespe’gewa’gi

  • Respect for Mi’gmaq language, culture and laws

  • Respect for Mi’gmaq cultural and spiritual beliefs, practices and sacred sites

  • Respect for all Mi’gmaq treaties