Complete the development of the MM Constitution for approval and ratification by the Mi’gmaq




The Mi’gmawei Mawiomi vision statement is to build and support an independent Mi’gmaq Government based on a constitution that promotes and protects the rights, freedoms and well-being of the L’nu.

We, the Mi’gmaq citizens of Gespe’gewa’gi, by virtue of our inherent rights as Indigenous people, and the requirements of the Constitution of Canada, want to exercise our responsibilities for our own well-being and to protect our land and resources for ourselves and for all future generations.

The development of a constitution will allow us to promote at all times a respect for the land, the natural environment, including the waters, air and all living things on the land, and traditional territory.

Community Involvement


Implementing a community-based Constitution building process that will facilitate the participation of the Mi’gmaq population in the development of a Constitution that will support the establishment of a strong and independent Mi’gmaq Government that will promote and protect the rights and freedoms and well-being of our people.




A constitution will help:

  • Re-establish a lifestyle embodying spiritual and physical health, consisting of self-respect and pride for our people;

  • Promote the cultural values, spiritual beliefs, heritage and languages of the Mi’gmaq

  • The Constitution will outline who we are, and how we define ourselves, including our values.

A constitution can become a framework so we can implement our treaty rights; if we have more self-determination, we can control our own destiny.



Goal #1 Complete the development of the MM Government Constitution for approval by the MM


Our first goal includes:

  • The organization of the Constitution Commission

  • The presentation of the Constitution project overview at the AGA

  • Research and evaluate other Indigenous Nations constitutions and their implementation

  • The development of a Nes’tua’tieg process

  • A preliminary draft

  • A second round of Nes’tua’tieg process

  • A final draft for approval by M’gmawei Mawiomi and presentation to AGA, including implementation plan

  • Approval by the L’nu of Gespe’gewa’gi

  • Implementation of the new MM Constitution


Goal #2 Develop and implement an interim Mi’gmaq-based conflict process


The conflict resolution process is aimed at helping the Leadership of the three communities resolve disputes that arise as a result of their alliance.

Any alliance formed between groups of varying interests will have some issues that require more in-depth processes to resolve such issues. This mechanism is aimed at facilitating that process.