Priority #1


Get recognition of title and jurisdiction over Gespe’gewa’gi




Mi’gmaq title refers to the inherent Mi’gmaq right to Mi’gma’gi, in our case Gespe’gewa’gi, the Seventh Mi’gmaq District. A title claim is a claim to the traditional territory. It is a title that has been claimed by the three communities (Gesgapegiag, Gespeg, and Listuguj), in regards to the sui generis possession of Mi’gmaq title land. Our title to the land and inherent right to self-government comes from our relationship with Creation.

These title claims can be settled through negotiations between Canada and Québec through court procedures. There are several benefits of obtaining title recognition. All provincial laws are applicable on Mi’gmaq title land.

First example, natural resources legislation. All Provincial legislation related to natural resources gives the ability to the province to give out permits to forestry companies and oil & gas companies.

With Mi’gmaq title, there is Mi’gmaq jurisdiction over the lands, which would oblige the third parties to come and request permission from the Mi’gmaq to access Gespe’gewa’gi.

Our Aboriginal Title and inherent right to self-government is not a delegated right.




Having Mi’gmaq title implemented in Gespe’gewa’gi will give our governments, and our national governments the ability to adopt its own legislation applicable to Mi’gmaq land outside of the reserve boundaries.


Goal #1 Complete the MM Comprehensive Land Claim


Comprehensive land claims deal with the unfinished business of treaty-making in Canada. These claims generally arise in areas of Canada where Indigenous land rights have not been dealt with by treaty or through other legal means.

This will help us know as much as possible about how well our claim meets the current legal criteria. While also giving us as much relevant information available to us in a user-friendly format to guide our rights related projects.


Goal #2 To increase recognition and make our Mi’gmaq identity visible throughout our territory for both L’nu and non-L’nu


On June 21, 2018, we launched the Peigwaptmeg project. A project that will grow in the coming years.

This project captures the essence of “seeing ourselves and our names again that have always been there and all around us”.

It will help increase the knowledge, understanding, and use of the territory by the L’nu. While also increasing the knowledge, understanding, and respect of the rights and jurisdicgion of the Mi’gmaq throughout Gespe’gewa’gi.

There are also tourism benefits for all parties.