The Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi. Our job is to follow through on the directions given to us by the Leadership of the three communities of Gesgapegiag, Gespeg and Listuguj.



Having worked here for nearly 20 years, the goals have never changed. Work for the betterment of the citizens of Gespe’gewa’gi. Our citizens, our communities, our Leadership are challenged every day with encroaching government policies, infringement of the territory and alienation of our rights and title. The work of the Secretariat moves towards righting those wrongs. We work very closely with the Leadership and the citizens to ensure transparency, accountability and making sure we are doing what the people want to be done.


The Priorities of the organization guide the work of our staff. If it’s not a priority of the Leadership, it’s not a priority of ours.


I encourage an open, transparent relationship with our Leadership and our citizens. We work for Gespe’gewa’gi. It will take all our efforts to make sure the Mi’gmaq values and principles are respected on our territory.


Tanya Barnaby

Executive Director