Current Winner - 17 and Under

The Dreamcatcher

By Jody Ste-Croix

Parents: John Ste-Croix and Nathalie English

Hobbies/Interests: Hunting, fishing, basketball, running, crossfit, camping, and reading.

Bio : Currently studying natural science at Cegep de la Gaspesie, to later go to University to further my studies. I would also like to thank Suzette Jeannotte for inspiring me with her incredibly interesting stories, and my great Aunt Denise English for giving me my first dream catcher.

Current Winner - 18 and over


By Derek Kale Condo

Parents: Debra Condo, Kevin Burke Adopted at Age 1 by: Diana Isaac Condo, John John

Hobbies & Interest: Illustrating cartoons, writing creative stories, painting on canvas, collecting antiques and vintage video games. Most of all enjoys his family, friends, and pet dogs named Herbie, Benji, Gus, Betty, Little Louis, and Shelly

Inspiration for the Story: The emotional connection I have towards our land, culture, tradition and our people. A special elder who passed away on January 17, 2017 at the age of 92 is the reason I wrote this story. Joseph William Vicaire was a veteran of the 2nd World War. Mr. Vicaire has been my neighbor for years. R.I.P Joseph William Vicaire.

Author Acknowledgement / Thanks : I like to thank all the past winners of the writers award for giving me inspiration and hope to continue the challenge every year.  Thanks to MMS for giving me the chance to show my writing abilities and story creating.  Thanks to my loved ones for being there by my side through these great times. The greatest thanks goes out to Listuguj my community for their support toward the 2017 Mi’gmaq Writers Award and also Gesgapegiag and Gespeg. Wela’lioq.

Current Winner - 18 and Over

Letter to my Grand-Father

By Nadia Robertson

Community: Gespeg, Québec

Parents: Raynald & Lise Robertson

Hobbies & Interest: Soap making, Medicinal plants, Music, reading, traveling

Interest: Very implicated in my community since i was very young, sharing my culture is very important to me I was able to create an aboriginal circle or banking employees for the province, organizing special events like, speakers coming to share their story and build aboriginal awareness, we have had Donald Jeannotte, Wab Kinew, Ted Nolan that came and share there stories with thousands of bank employees.

Inspiration: In 2017, i noticed from people around me that they never visit their elders, they dont know where they are coming from, and everytime i share my story with them, they start being concerned about not knowing there own story. I think our elders are the most important foundation in our lives, they are the one who teach us who we are. I was lucky enough to had my Grand-Father in my life to teach me his wonderfull story, and i felt i had to share it to the world!

17 and under

Judy Ste-Croix
Year: 2017
Haley Jerome
Year: 2016
Storm Martin
Year: 2014
Je'gopsn Metallic
Year: 2013
Crystal Fitzgerald Bernard
Year: 2012
Ta'pit Hubert Martin
Year: 2011
Emma Metallic
Year: 2010

18 and over

Derek Dale Condo
Year: 2017
Nadia Robertson
Year: 2017
Ashley Barnaby
Year: 2016
Spencer Isaac
Year: 2014
Killa Ch'aska Mitchell-Atencio
Year: 2013
Duane Isaac
Year: 2012
Darcy Gray
Year: 2011
Jodie Barnaby
Year: 2010
Frank Jr. Molley
Year: 2009

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