The Visions, Issues, and Values is a study that identifies Mi’gmaq priorities. Define Vision, Issues, and Values

It involves interviewing members from each of our three communities and learning about their views and relationships with Gespe’gewa’gi.


The results of our study from 2016


The following information is ranked in order of importance by community members interviewed.



(1) Our Language.

(2) Water.

(3) Hunting, trapping, fishing.

(4) Our history and ancestors.

(5) Medicinal Plants.




(1) Not being consulted over what’s happening in the territory.

(2) Limited access to land, loss of land, can’t practice traditional activities where we want.

(3) Forestry is destroying our land, water and medicines.

(4) Oil, gas, and pipelines impact to health and environment.

(5) Poor management of resources.




(1) Reclaim more land for future generations.

(2) More involvement in decision making.

(3) Our Communities need to come together in a unified vision for Gespe’gewa’gi.

(4) Keep traditional knowledge alive for future generations.

(5) Our language prospers.



From the VIV we developed the following goals and guiding principles for the Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan in response to these results.




Main Goals


– Access to the territory.

– Well-being.

– Control over the territory.


Guiding Principles


– Access to the territory to practice our Mi’gmaq culture.

– Control over the territory.

– Protection of cultural sites.

– Protection of water, the land and all the species.