The Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan (GMP) is a Land Use Plan. It is a tool, that will assist in evaluating and guiding the way the development takes place in Gespe’gewa’gi.

The Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan focuses on the wellbeing of our land, resources and water; and also, encourages our people to use and occupy Gespe’gewa’gi, as it is our right as Mi’gmaq Citizens

The GMP establishes areas where Mi’gmaq usage is prioritized in the territory by using our citizens’ information on where they hunt, gather, trap, or harvest resources and mapping it out.

It is not meant to stop development on the territory, rather it’s to ensure the priorities of the Mi’gmaq are reflected in the development, use and protection of the territory.

The GMP will develop our governance over our territory and strengthen the Mi’gmaq nation.

Gespe’gewa’gi has been our home since time immemorial and the Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan aids in protecting the natural resources so that they will be sustained for future generations.





–  Use the GMP to help arrange the territory into management areas, to determine what activities can and cannot take place in Gespe’gewa’gi, as our interim Land Management Policy.

–  Identify and protect areas of spiritual, cultural and ecological use.


Currently, the development of our territory is pre-determined by Quebec and Canada, however these governments have a legal duty to consult and, where necessary, accommodate the Mi’gmaq for any development that takes place in Gespe’gewa’gi.  There exists a Consultation and Accommodation process between the Mi’gmaq and the Crown.  The information contained within the GMP will be vital in preparing our responses to any proposed development throughout Gespe’gewa’gi.


Who should be involved?

Everyone should be involved! The Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan belongs to the citizens of the three communities of Gesgapegiag, Gespeg, and Listuguj.

The continued use of the territory by our hunters, gatherers, fishers, and other users will reaffirm our relationship with the territory, and the importance of its protection.

It’s important for us to gather information from our people to ensure we have more knowledge of where people are using the territory. This will help strengthen the Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan.

The GMP is meant to empower our people to use the territory by providing cultural buffers, maps, assistance in identifying usage areas and documenting usage, and so much more!



How to get involved?


Come in and tell us your story or ask your questions.  Our doors are always open.

Help us gather as much information about what is important to you, as a Mi’gmaq citizen.

If you are a hunter, fisher or gatherer, you can help us in the development of the GMP. We want more of your stories about how and where Mi’gmaq use the territory.

Visit our Environmental Monitor for information on how we can document usage through GPS points in order to protect Mi’gmaq access to the territory.


How it will work?

The Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan will establish different types of areas and criteria that will guide development and protect our Mi’gmaq way of life on our territory. This will help decide whether or not a project can move forward.




What is a land use plan?


– A roadmap for how and where development should proceed in our territory.

– A roadmap for how and where development should proceed in our territory.

– A document to make sure Mi’gmaq values and vision guide what happens on our territory.

– A process that builds partners with government, industry, and our communities towards a shared vision.

– A means to help exert our Mi’gmaq Rights and Title over our lands and waters.



Why is this needed?


– It will assist in the consultation and accommodation processes.

– The plan is a vital step in re-establishing our governance in Gespe’gewa’gi.

– This is Mi’gmaq territory and our knowledge and usage of it is essential.

– The plan will support the Mi’gmaq to use, occupy, and govern the territory that continues to be rightfully ours.





Guiding Principles