The Environmental Monitor’s role combines Mi’gmaq Knowledge and Western Science in conducting environmental monitoring on various projects in Gespe’gewa’gi, as part of the follow up agreed to in any consultation files.


The Environmental Monitor also accompanies Mi’gmaq citizens who are accessing the territory for various uses in order to record their usage.


Some of the responsibilities include:


 – Testing materials at specific sites for pollutants;

 – Helping to identify sources of pollutants;

 – Creating maps using shapefiles (Geographic Information Systems);

 – Investigating hazardous spill areas and propose mitigate measures;

 – Keeping track of new projects or programs that have any environmental concern;

 – Knowledgeable of the Gespe’gewa’gi Management Plan, the Water-First Approach, Two-Eyed Seeing, and Mi’gmaq values;

 – Collecting various samples (air, water, ground);




If you are a Mi’gmaq Citizen who is active on the territory, please come visit us.

We need to work together to protect our Mi’gmaq territory.



How can you get involved?

 – Sharing important GPS points regarding personal land use and occupancy

 – Sharing past and present stories of you and/or your family using the territory of Gespe’gewa’gi

 – Reporting suspicious activity of environmental concerns

How can our Environmental Monitor help you?

 – Accompany you and track GPS locations of Mi’gmaq usage. (camps, hunting, medicinal plants, etc)

 – Check locations that you think may be in danger with regards to unwanted development on the territory.


Every piece of information will help us protect the land from unwanted development on the territory.

If you want to speak specifically with our Environmental Monitor, come to our Listuguj office and speak with Scott Metallic. If you’re in Gesgapegiag or Gespeg, call to arrange for Scott to come to your community.


Contact Info: 

Scott Metallic, Environmental Monitor

Email: [email protected]

Office: 1- 418-788-1760 ext. 8142