The Mi’gmaq announce a Consultation and Accommodation Process Agreement with the Government of Quebec regarding Hydrocarbon activity.

Gespeg’ewa’gi Territory, June 15, 2020 – The Leadership of the Mi’gmawei Mawio’mi announce the signature of a process agreement with the Government of Quebec for consultation and accommodation regarding hydrocarbon activity.  This agreement sets the table for a consultation practice that respects the principle of Nation-to-Nation relations.

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The Consultation and Accommodation Unit’s primary responsibility is to act as a facilitator between the Governments of Canada, Quebec and the Mi’gmaq of Gespe’gewa’gi.


The Governments of Canada and Quebec have a legal obligation to consult Indigenous nations who have asserted rights over a territory.

The Consultation and Accommodation unit is responsible for researching and analyzing the potential impacts of proposed development on the environment, Mi’gmaq Rights, Title and usage in Gespe’gewa’gi.

Decisions are made via citizen consultation sessions and direction from the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi leadership, which includes the Chief and Council of the three Mi’gmaq communities.

It is important to remember that the Consultation and Accommodation team DOES NOT make decisions about files. It is simply the liaison between communities and governments.

It is important that we have a meaningful and decisive role in the planning, development and utilization of the natural resources in Gespe’gewa’gi. This process must involve methods that establish relevant and meaningful consultation with decision-makers, aimed at finding accommodation through satisfactory solutions.


Examples of consultation projects:


– Shoreline restoration work

– Forestry planning

– changes to legislation

– Off-shore exploration drilling

– Vacation lots

– Mining



As part of its work, the C&A:


– Identifies and engages with experts who provide their advice on various topics such as marine biology and land use planning;

– Drafts reports and responses to Governments in order to communicate Mi’gmaq requirements or preoccupations on any consultation requests;

– Facilitates consultations with the Mi’gmaq citizens, as required;

– Plan, develop, and implement use and occupation strategies.


The Goal

To protect Mi’gmaq interests and Rights in Gespe’gewa’gi