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Our goal is to introduce you and other visitors to an exciting new initiative ~ the Mi’gmaq Wind Power Partnership Initiative, known as MWP2 ~ that is being lead by the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi.

It will help our people gain valuable training and get recognition of their existing skills so they can participate actively in the wind energy industry that is growing very rapidly in Canada, especially in the Gaspé Peninsula of Québec.


Look at ABOUT THE PROJECT  to get complete details about MWP2 and how YOU, as an experienced tradesperson, may already be qualified to find employment in the industry.

Read about TRAINING to find out how YOU may qualify for training to make yourself marketable to the industry.

WINDFARMS  will show you all the wind energy projects that are going on right now near you, in the Gaspé.

Our NEWS  section brings you breaking stories about windfarm developments nearby and all across Canada.

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