Welcome to the Intergovernmental Relations (IG) Unit’s webpage.

Intergovernmental Relations Unit (IG) exists to build links among the three communities of Gesgapegiag, Gespeg and Listuguj, our Mi’gmawei Mawiomi (MM) Leadership, the Mgnigng Elders Circle (MEC), and the governments of Canada and Québec.

The IG staff provides support to the Leadership by facilitating and coordinating meetings where they can discuss areas that affect the Mi’gmaq Nation.

The IG provides information to educate citizens on Treaties, Aboriginal Rights & Responsibilities, Mi’gmaq History, the inherent right to Self Government and use and occupancy of the territory. When engaging with the Governments of Quebec and Canada the message set forth by the Leadership under the Principles of Engagement is that we are here to protect, promote, and implement our treaties. These Treaties have not or shall never be ceded, nor extinguished.  It is under this principle that the negotiations at the Tri-Partite Table is conducted under the Ni’ganitasuast’gl Ilsuataqann (NI).

The vision of IG Unit is to: Build links throughout our communities; strengthen understanding of Mi’gmaq values, traditions, and way of life; and facilitate the Nation rebuilding process to allow us to become a self-governed Nation.  

Being a self governed Nation, and living outside the Indian Act means having an effective government under a Mi’gmaq constitution and funding our own governments.