The St. Lawrence Coalition and its many partners (including the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Chiefs) around the Gulf are proud to share with you four major actions for the protection of the Gulf of St. Lawrence:

1) A report by the St. Lawrence Coalition, which portrays the issues of oil and gas development in the Gulf (for a summary of the report, read pages 9-12):

“GULF 101 – Oil in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: Facts, Myths and Future Outlook”

Download GULF101 at:

• English Version Download here
• French Version Download here

A reference document to share in your network!

2) A joint press release reiterating the request for a moratorium and the need for an independent review in the entire Gulf.


3) An action alert launched by the David Suzuki Foundation to ask our governments to protect the Gulf from the oil industry.

To sign the action alert:

4) Launch of the new St. Lawrence Coalition website:
(English version available soon)

To join the Coalition, please complete the form (English version available soon).