Consultation and Accommodation (C&A) is one of the three main units within the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Secretariat (MMS).  The MMS is the administrative structure that works under the leadership and mandate of the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi (MM). 
C&A is here to serve you and all other members of the Gespe’gewa’gi territory. 
Through these pages, we intend to inform you about our mission and to provide you with some general background about consultation and accommodation.  We will explain how and why our unit came to be.
Also, we will talk about the (types of) consultations we receive
We need your opinionsWe are counting on your suggestions about where you want us to go in the future.
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Environmental Studies
McInnis Cement and the Environment: Study Results and Commitments

The McInnis Cement team has released the updated environmental study of the cement plant project in Port-Daniel-Gascons.

Prepared by environmental experts, this study filed with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks (MDDEFP) was carefully analyzed by public officials in Canada and represents a comprehensive updated reference documentation on all aspects of the project’s environmental performance.

Documents related to the study are available for review in person at the Information Centre located at 41, Route 132 in Port-Daniel-Gascons. For more information, contact 581-351-0020.

The project summary is also available online, as well as the list of commitments made by McInnis Cement.

For any questions regarding this study, please contact us.

There are also videos and photos that show the progress of the work. Click here to view.